General Surgery

At Guaita Veterinaris, we prefer to solve medical problems in the least invasive way possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and there are conditions that require surgical intervention. For this purpose, our clinic has an operating room fully adapted to the needs of each patient. We have an electric scalpel, surgical aspirator, capnograph, pulse oximeter, electrocardiogram, non-invasive blood pressure monitor, mechanical ventilator, and state-of-the-art thermal blanket for temperature control.

After surgery, our team monitors the well-being of all operated patients, from the immediate post-operative period to hospital discharge. Among the various surgeries we perform are:

  • Gastrointestinal: gastrotomy, gastrectomy, gastropexy, enterotomy, enterectomy, colectomy, colopexy, biopsy, splenectomy, gastric dilation-torsion…
  • Hepatic: removal of tumors, cholecystectomy, and biopsy.
  • Hernias: perineal, inguinal, umbilical, scrotal, and diaphragmatic.
  • Organs of the senses: ablation of the auditory duct, osteotomy of the tympanic bulla, removal of tumors, and correction of defects in the soft and hard palate.
  • Urogenital: cystotomy for the removal of bladder stones, nephrotomy for the removal of kidney stones, urethrostomy, castration of males and females, pyometra, removal of vaginal and mammary tumors.


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In our clinic, we provide basic veterinary services as well as specialized treatments and preventive care.

We are delighted to welcome you for routine needs such as annual check-ups and vaccinations, as well as during those times when your pet may not be feeling well and requires urgent veterinary attention.

Premium facilities for the care of your pet

Located in the center of Xàtiva, Guaita Veterinaris was born in 2008 as L’Hospital Veterinaris, with the purpose of providing high-quality veterinary care to pets. Celebrating our 15th anniversary, we have enhanced our service offering and adjusted our hours to meet the needs of our most demanding clients.