The team of specialized traumatologists at Guaita Veterinaris offers you years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases affecting your pet. We have the capacity to perform the most advanced surgical techniques and provide comprehensive follow-up until the patient is fully recovered.

We offer advanced and minimally invasive osteosynthesis techniques for the resolution of fractures and other pathologies. We always use the best implants on the market, minimizing the risks associated with surgery. We are capable of performing any of the indicated techniques for the resolution of anterior cruciate ligament rupture (ACLR), including plateau leveling techniques (TPLO, CTWO, TTA); this allows us to choose the most suitable for each patient. We also perform corrective surgeries for the treatment of angular deformities.

Furthermore, our continuous training keeps us up-to-date on the latest treatments for the control of degenerative joint disease and chronic pain through monoclonal antibody therapy and stem cells, among others. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us, and our Traumatology team will provide personal assistance.


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In our clinic, we provide basic veterinary services as well as specialized treatments and preventive care.

We are delighted to welcome you for routine needs such as annual check-ups and vaccinations, as well as during those times when your pet may not be feeling well and requires urgent veterinary attention.

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Located in the center of Xàtiva, Guaita Veterinaris was born in 2008 as L’Hospital Veterinaris, with the purpose of providing high-quality veterinary care to pets. Celebrating our 15th anniversary, we have enhanced our service offering and adjusted our hours to meet the needs of our most demanding clients.